• Thursday, August 31, 2006

    ~People Can Be So Good~

    Just had to share this with you. I got it via email from a lovely lady who happened to stop by my website (which is so incredibly outdated it's not even funny!). Some people are just so giving in their praise and it just makes you realise that this wonderful art can touch more than just our families and loved ones.

    Anyway, here is the email:

    Its a nice quiet Monday evening. I have just put my two baby girls to bed for the night.
    I've just started digital scrapbooking this week. Opened up my google page, ran the search engine and came across your website.
    Im touched by what I saw. Your work has inspired me to create something hopefully
    as beautiful as what you have done here on your site.
    Is that your family? Your work made me feel like i was a part of that fmily.
    My girls are only young. 2.5years and 4.5months - so we have many things to look forward to - being a single mum - I am on my own - Its hard financially - but digital scrapbooking makes it so easy to cherish our memories photographically and with the help from Corel PSP and my new founded inspiration from you, I hope I can come up with some layouts as beautiful as your own!

    Thankyou so much for sharing your talent!
    The website is terrific!
    I'll be back!!

    Kindest and sincere regards
    Sandi! :)

    How nice is that! These are just the sort of things that inspire us to do better and try harder!

    :::THE WALL ART:::

    I got it today!!! Yay! It's looks great and I am glad I hadit done. It is very big though, but my husband thinks it is fine and I'm sure once it is on the wall, it won't seem so huge.

    Big thanks to the girls that created the Visual Emotions Collection and in particular Denise Docherty. Couldn't have done it without you!
    We have friends coming over tomorrow night before we go out, so I guess that will be the moment I 'll know if it's OK. Sometimes when you look at something for so long it is hard to be objective!

    Sleep well....

    Sunday, August 27, 2006


    I took these pics of Quinn last week and the school's dress up day. She has a jacket on (because her Mum is fanatical about being cold). But she dressed up as Wendy from Peter Pan.
    Love these pics!

    Journaling Reads:
    You had a lovely day for dress up day at school. You decided to go as Wendy from Peter Pan. I have a sneaking suspicion that you decided on this particular character because Mr. Dacy’s favourite book just happens to be Peter Pan. You absolutely idolise Mr. Dacy and shine whenever you talk about him and school. You are so lucky to have a young, enthusiastic teacher and also the fact he is male is such a treat too, as we all know male teachers are few and far between. These days are exhausting, walking around the school looking at all your school projects. But I love seeing you with all of your friends, and you are so proud of your work and enthusiastically show me everything you have done. I hope your life is always such a fairytale, you are certainly our fairytale and we would not be living this dream of a life without you!Aug ‘06.

    You might have to click on thise one to get a good view. I used a Denise Docherty Brush on this, but the rest is mine :)

    :::CUP OF TEA:::
    I'm not sure why I think this warrants a blog entry, but Quinn made me a cup of tea last night! She did a great job and was so proud of herself! LOL again, don't know why I felt I should write that here! Surely it's a scrapable occassion! LOL

    This is the final version of the layout I am getting printed on canvas. I had to add a thicker border around the edge to allow for the fact that it gets 'wrapped' around the sides and they are about an inch thick. I am so nervous! Should be this week! Fingers crossed :)

    See credits for this layout below.... Basically brushes from thevVisual Emotions Collection and one background by Denise Docherty, the rest is me :)

    I know a few people know this, but last year I gave Brian a bound hard cover book with all my layouts in it (around 170). Anyway the company that did it contacted me and asked if they could print some more copies of my book off to use for marketing and also to ise on the site as part of their gallery. I also received an email recently asking if they could talk to me about the addition of a scrappers module as part of their software. It's pretty exciting really so I hope to have more news soon. You can check out my book in the gallery here or checkout the bottom of this blog page for a sample to. You can 'look through' the book by clicking on the graphic, both here and at the website.

    Quinn had a netball breakup party today at the local roller skating rink. I had no intention of having a go as it has been over 20 years since I have laced up some skates, but of course it got the better of me and I had to have a go. Man it was fun! I was very shaky at first but by the end I was skating backwards and turning around and everything. I did make the mistake by having a go at the rollerblades, which were much more steady, but I couldn't go backwards on them. So I fell over once, but didn't think that was a bad effort at all.
    The girls had a ball and both did a great job, except right at the end when Quinn fell over and landed on her skate, she has a very sore bottom! Poor kid. And poor Bronte has a very sore leg. This is a recurring thing and it seems to get worse when she excercises in an unusual way. I had to give Bronte panadol as the pain was getting quite bad, but she is asleep now. Hopefully she stays that way, she often wakes up crying when her legs bother her :(

    I was a little confused earlier this week, I had lots of comments coming through on some layouts I posted about a year ago at Digital Freebies.com. After some investigating, it turns out they were scraplifting my gallery! There are some great layouts and I was honoured to be chosen as scrapliftee LOL... You can check out some of the layouts here.

    Sweet dreams everyone :)

    Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    ~Layout and Back Yard Blitz~

    :::A LAYOUT:::

    The layout on the left was done for a challenge we hold at MAC digi, where one of us supplies a pic and we all scrap it. I love seeing the diversity and talent in the group via this challenge. We are all so different in our styles and the way we approach scrapping a pic and I feel I learn something everytime.

    ** You can click on the pics for a larger view**

    :::MAC Conference:::

    We are finally organised for our get together yay! I felt very guilty for throwing a spanner in the works, by getting Billy Joel Tickets, but it's all sorted now and we are going to have so much fun, I can't wait to meet these girls I consider good friends already! I am so sad for a few of our very special interstate and overseas members that can't make it, but maybe we can make it an annual event!

    :::NEW GARDEN:::

    Here it is!!!! These are the before, during and after pics of our own backyard (and frontyard) makeover. It was only 4.5 days work, done over about two weeks. The company that did it were so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. We had 9 trucks of dirt (mostly clay) taken and 11 trucks of soil brought in. They put in a sprinkler system in the front and back yards, put in garden beds, which are filled with pebbles now. We turfed a small section of the back yard, and the entire front yard and all the rest is seeded. We don't have any plants yet, but will save for some soon.


    We had our window coverings fitted yesterday, so that is the last major thing we were waiting on (thank goodness), the finances are stretched to breaking point, so I hope nothing unexpected crops up! Now we need to buckle down and get rid of this debt noose around our neck!

    :::CYBER HUG:::

    I have a special friend that is having a hard time at the moment, this is a special cyber hug to let her know she is valued as a friend and a great person and she is special to me. Hugs ;)

    Sunday, August 20, 2006

    ~A Charmed Life~

    OK Blogger is not being friendly, I was going to post pics of our new landscaping, I'll try again tomorrow.... this is the rest of my post.

    So why is my life charmed? I have a great husband, THE two best daughters in the world, good friends and family surrounding me. I love my job, I have a great network of friends AND cyber friends, I meet and enjoy the company of more everyday, this wonderful art of digital scrapbooking gives me more enjoyment than I can put into words and has given me opportunities that I never could have imagined, such as a contributing editor on a digital scrapbooking magazine and teaching, which was more rewarding and fun that I ever could have hoped. I have a beautiful new home, which we have been in the process of doing for 5 years now, but it's finally here. I have much to be thankful for so I won't dwell on the one or two things in my life that aren't perfect, especially when I am so lucky to be where I am right now.

    :::This Weekend:::
    We have had a lovely quiet weekend, and the weather has been just perfect too. My new boss Haydn, just happened to drive past while we were out watering our new lawn, so he came in and had a look around with his two boys and we had a lovely cuppa with some fresh homemade cake that Brian and the girls whipped up earlier. Brian took the girls to the footy in Melbourne last night so they left around 3.30. I got to catch up on some TV shows and also finally got the trivia night tickets done for our school trivia night in couple of weeks. Of course, I had a million other things on my "list of things to do while family was not here". But sadly I had a couple of glasses of wine and that dulled the senses and the motivation more than a bit LOL. Today we all had a late sleep in, the family didn't get home until 1am and Bronte slept until 10.15. When we finally roused ourselves, and decided on a roast lunch, my auntie came over and we had a lovely time.
    By the way the Hawks won! 2 weeks in a row!

    :::Over It:::
    Although I haven't quite settled my issue of last week, I am over it. And the person/s that this involves I see all the the time and I'm confident we can sort it out. I know our friendship means as much to them as it does to us. In fact my husband thinks I should be a little flattered by what has happened, which I can kinda see now, so that made me feel better LOL.The thing that has stood out to me since the "issue" is how many friends I have that are so supportive and caring, both on line and IRL. I received so many emails and calls as well as blog comments, and those that asked, have been completely understanding and have offered great advice. So thanks to those that helped! Again :)

    :::MAC Get together:::
    It's on! Yay. Our Digital Scrapbooking Yahho group are finally getting together en masse! A few have met individually, but it will be great to get a group together. Sadly not all interstate girls can make it, but we will be toasting them anyway. I threw a spanner in the works when I got Billy Joel tickets, but it's all sorted now, and I am stoked to be meeting these amazingly talented ladies, whom I consider close and valuable friends! I just can't wait and I know it will be a blast!

    In the sidebar if you scroll down a little, you can actualy subscribe to my blog, so that when it is updated you will get an email advising you, just saves you checking regualrly and they have a no spam policy, so addresses are not sold or used for advertising the dreaded Viagra! LOL

    Happy days..... :)

    Monday, August 14, 2006

    ~ GREAT NEWS ~

    :::THE GAME:::

    Well our little treasures (The Gems) had their last game of netball on the weekend and finally had a WIN!!!!!! Yay! Like a movie they pulled out a cracking game for the very last game of the season! The first half they scored 8-0 and lucky they had such a good lead, becasue they didn't score at all in the second half!

    Anyway, they were all so excited, although they have never minded losing, they wanted at least one win for the season and they deserve it, being such good sports.

    :::THE CANVAS:::

    I had a dream...LOL I thought I might have a go at doing a layout that I could turn into wall art. I spent all day on this, (rarely do I spend so much time on a layout) it has 49 layers and came in at just under 1gb. I used several brushes from the Visual Emotions Collection and one Denise Docherty Paper, the rest of the layers and grunge effects are by my. I wasn't sure about it but it has been received well, so maybe I will get it printed on a canvas. Except now I can't remember the web address of the people that do it! LOL I chose the colours to match our new family room (pics below), and it is a little earthier in colour than the compressed version shows. Anyway CC welcome.

    :::THE PIC:::

    I took this pic in January at Eagle Point, I don't know why but I just love it, the little girl at the front is my 'neice' Jesamine, and then a friend, Emily and Quinn and Bronte toward the back (Bronte is slightly cut off). Not sure what it is, maybe the DOF or the colours, or Jesamines cute look, I really want to scrap it but not sure I could do it justice!
    For some absolutely phenomenal photography check out this link. http://karenjohnsonphotography.blogspot.com/ When I grow up, I wanna be like karen (otherwise known as the Goddess). Check it out, inspiring and more than a little intimidating and she has the cutest grandsons who have memories made almost everyday for them!!


    Here are a few more favourites from our amatuer photo shoot last weekend. I really did get a couple of good ones.


    I still feel a little crappy after Fridays events, still not sure how to proceed with things but I'll get there.

    I'm off out for dinner tonight with our Trivia Night committee, wish I had remembered that before I went to the pub today for lunch! Judy, help me make some good decisions!!


    Special thanks to all the girls that made me feel better, but through blog comments and private emails. Although I wasn't backstabbed or bitched about, what I heard can't be unheard and I am afraid it will affect my time in the house...oh that's my big brother speech...LOL
    Thanks to Lis, for getting it and sharing her experience with something similar too. It made me feel better to know there are people I can talk to.

    In the immortal words of Jeff Fenech,
    I LOVE YA'S ALL, said without a cut eyebrow, two black eyes and a broken nose! (I hope someone out there knows who Jeff Fenech is!) LOL

    Saturday, August 12, 2006

    Short Vent...

    Not quite sure how to word this, and I know it will come out all cryptic, but I gotta get it off my chest.

    Yesterday someone made an off hand remark to me (about me), quite innocent and I saw the funny side of it, in fact it was entirely laughable. I repeated this remark and got the shock of my life that this comment had been made by someone else, someone that should know better. I am so sad and feel my friendship with certain people will be affected now. I am angry and upset about it, and can't imagine things will ever be the same. I have done nothing wrong and there were no accusations, but these words have been said now, and I know I will never be able to forget them. I feel like if I am around these people I will need to be on guard and very aware of ceratin things that I shouldn't need to be. Which makes me not want to be around them at all.

    Well that didn't make me feel better at all.

    Thursday, August 10, 2006

    ~ A Quickie :) ~

    OK Just a quickie, nothing to say in my boring life, other than I had a great day at work today, had a good giggle of some peoples ridiculousness! Always good for a laugh....


    First pic is a layout I did of some photos of Quinn reading which I took a couple of weeks agao. Love the pics, but the LO leaves a lot to be desired...no wow factor here people, move along!
    Journaling is boring, so I won't bother!


    This next pic is one I tried to upload a couple of weeks ago when blogger didn't particularly like me.... anyway here it is here. The kids had a day off school, so we got some DVD's for them and my cousin, my auntie and I played 500 for a few hours, so much fun! For them and us!

    :::MY CLOCK:::

    This is a clock I bought about six years ago from St Kilda markets. I just love it but it's been in a cupboard since I bought it because I didn't want to put it up until we moved into our home. Anyway, I thought it was special enough to show you guys! LOL

    :::MORE HUGS:::
    Another hug for LIs, just coz and sending good decision making vibes to Annette to!

    Have a great night all!

    Oh! Just thought of something else...girls both got their haircut tonight, I meant to take the camera like my nutter dental visit, but forgot! Anyway, they both had a good 5-5 inches cut off and I will post pics soon!

    Sleep well, especially you Karin ;)

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    ~ Wah wah - wah ~

    LOL. The title refers to the movie Suzy and I were going to see on a weekly movie trip, but sadly it's not on! So we have decided to go and see "Beyond The Sea" which has Kevin Spacey in it, who I love! It's the Bobby Darrin story and we are both really looking forward to this anyway. In the 6 months (approx) that we have been going (almost) every Friday, we haven't seen a bad movie. We have certainly been to movies that we thought we wouldn't enjoy, but did, so fingers crossed this keeps up. Anyway I'll give you a critique on Friday night and let you know what it's like!

    This is a layout I did for the colour challenge at Pickleberry Pop. (link in sidebar). I was trying to get that cool, funky, whimsical feel that I see in layouts all over the place...I obviously need to work at it some more!
    MORE HOUSE....

    OK Here are a couple of pics of our back yard taken last week. We are currently getting it excavated, 9 truck loads of soil have just been brought in, so it is already looking a bit better than this, we are getting a sprinkler system put in the front and back, the front will be turfed and the back will be seeded. (Although we are hoping to get a small patch turfed in the backyard, money permitting). I am starting to get a bit stressed at the moment as we have had some lovely days and I would love for the girls to be able to go out there and play. It has been impossible since we moved in, but things are looking a little better now than they were last week. So fingers crossed.

    Lastly, a special hug goes to my friend Lis. Chin up honey, you are special!

    Sweet dreams all.....

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    ~ WOW ~

    Wow! I can't believe that blogger cooperated and let me upload pics! I haven't hit the post button yet, so I guess I shouldn't count my chickens....

    EDITED TO ADD: If anyone knows how to get my sidebar back at the top please tell me!!! It looks fine on my widescreen but I know others have it down the bottom! It's driving me insane, I spent several hours last weekend trying to fix it!

    EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: I think it's fixed, please let me know either way! And thanks to Zebette's (Jo) husband! Much appreciated! And, I am such a dufus! All that playing with the template and all I had to do was resize a pic!

    What first? OK Weekend... we had a fairly quiet one, although I did manage a slight hangover! Out for dinner Friday night to celebrate my aunties retirement, had a lovely meal and enjoyed the company. Went to pick the girls up from a friends and stayed there for a while for a cuppa and a chat, which was lovely.

    Saturday we had netball and I guess there is no surprise here, but the Gems lost, again! Although they did get 5 goals, which was really good. They only have one more game left so we aren't holding out much hope! I tell you it's not hard to pick the parents of the girls that never win! Whenever they get a goal we go crazy and everyone llaughs at us! But we can't be accused of being boring! LOL. Anyway...maybe they will have a win next year! Oh and Quinn got her first goal, which was very exciting, as she rarely plays in goals! Again, very exciting!

    Saturday we had friends over for pizza, with a friend that is visiting from England and a few others. We had a great night and apparently had a few more drinks than I thought! I love that we can finally entertain in our new house! Our old home was at bursting point of a couple dropped in! So it's nice to have room for a few families now.

    Sunday morning I was laying in bed feeling a little sorry for myself, when my friend Megan from Queensland phoned to say hi.... She asked what I was doing and I said I was still in bed, and she said, I'll be there in half an hour!!! It was a great visit and unexpected, but she was just down for the weekend visiting family. Loved seeing her and also another friend of ours called in to say hi too with her two 10 week old twins! So cute, and the girls loved having a cuddle!

    Sunday afternoon, I spent in my new psuedo studio, inspired by my good friend Angela, one of the most amazing scrappers and photographers I know (apart from the other amazing one, Karen from NZ, on top of all the great scrappers at MAC, how lucky am I to be surrounded by this talent!!)

    My dear Brian is no handyman (but he can cook), but he knocked up 3 back drop stands for me, one for the back drop, one for a shower curtain which diffused the light from the window and another smaller one for another shower curtain to go in front of the lights I got from bunnings! All very dodgy, but the photo's are OK. These are unedited and have a slightly warm cast, but it should be easy enough to fix when I edit them.

    The middle one is a layout I did last night and the journaling simply reads:

    My life is complete becasue you are part of it, being your Mum fills my life with joy, love, meaning and utter bliss.

    Which was how I was feeling when I did the layout. Of course, it's easy to feel like that when your kids are sleeping! LOL

    The brush accent at the bpttom is from Rhonna Farrer

    I really hope you can see the textures on it, I used one on the pic and one on the background. It's a very plain layout (bordering on boring) but I loved the pic, so didn't want to distract (excuses excuses!) If you click on it you will get a bigger version (if blogger decides that's OK!)

    Anyway, have a great night....

    Friday, August 04, 2006


    Hi everyone, please excuse my absence. I am having ISP issues at the moment and can't get on line at all (I am at work right now).

    My email addy may be bouncing too, but all should be fixed by Monday, hopefully, before the weekend though.

    Hi to all the special MAC girls, I hope you are not giving me too much email to catch up on, although, I am probably bouncing anyway. Save any important stuff for when I get back! :)

    Hope PBP is going well, and I'm sure missing all the amazing layouts that are posted there!

    Hope to catch you all on the weekend... it's like my right arm has been cut off!

    Take care .....