• Sunday, August 20, 2006

    ~A Charmed Life~

    OK Blogger is not being friendly, I was going to post pics of our new landscaping, I'll try again tomorrow.... this is the rest of my post.

    So why is my life charmed? I have a great husband, THE two best daughters in the world, good friends and family surrounding me. I love my job, I have a great network of friends AND cyber friends, I meet and enjoy the company of more everyday, this wonderful art of digital scrapbooking gives me more enjoyment than I can put into words and has given me opportunities that I never could have imagined, such as a contributing editor on a digital scrapbooking magazine and teaching, which was more rewarding and fun that I ever could have hoped. I have a beautiful new home, which we have been in the process of doing for 5 years now, but it's finally here. I have much to be thankful for so I won't dwell on the one or two things in my life that aren't perfect, especially when I am so lucky to be where I am right now.

    :::This Weekend:::
    We have had a lovely quiet weekend, and the weather has been just perfect too. My new boss Haydn, just happened to drive past while we were out watering our new lawn, so he came in and had a look around with his two boys and we had a lovely cuppa with some fresh homemade cake that Brian and the girls whipped up earlier. Brian took the girls to the footy in Melbourne last night so they left around 3.30. I got to catch up on some TV shows and also finally got the trivia night tickets done for our school trivia night in couple of weeks. Of course, I had a million other things on my "list of things to do while family was not here". But sadly I had a couple of glasses of wine and that dulled the senses and the motivation more than a bit LOL. Today we all had a late sleep in, the family didn't get home until 1am and Bronte slept until 10.15. When we finally roused ourselves, and decided on a roast lunch, my auntie came over and we had a lovely time.
    By the way the Hawks won! 2 weeks in a row!

    :::Over It:::
    Although I haven't quite settled my issue of last week, I am over it. And the person/s that this involves I see all the the time and I'm confident we can sort it out. I know our friendship means as much to them as it does to us. In fact my husband thinks I should be a little flattered by what has happened, which I can kinda see now, so that made me feel better LOL.The thing that has stood out to me since the "issue" is how many friends I have that are so supportive and caring, both on line and IRL. I received so many emails and calls as well as blog comments, and those that asked, have been completely understanding and have offered great advice. So thanks to those that helped! Again :)

    :::MAC Get together:::
    It's on! Yay. Our Digital Scrapbooking Yahho group are finally getting together en masse! A few have met individually, but it will be great to get a group together. Sadly not all interstate girls can make it, but we will be toasting them anyway. I threw a spanner in the works when I got Billy Joel tickets, but it's all sorted now, and I am stoked to be meeting these amazingly talented ladies, whom I consider close and valuable friends! I just can't wait and I know it will be a blast!

    In the sidebar if you scroll down a little, you can actualy subscribe to my blog, so that when it is updated you will get an email advising you, just saves you checking regualrly and they have a no spam policy, so addresses are not sold or used for advertising the dreaded Viagra! LOL

    Happy days..... :)


    Blogger katef said...

    OMG you have Billy Joel Tickets! You truly do have a charmed life! :)

    August 20, 2006 10:26 pm  
    Anonymous fazzbech said...

    Oh, it sounds like you do indeed lead a charmed life, and well-deserved too! Your weekend sounds like it was nice and relaxing, and I'm very envious of your sleep in! I've heard so much about your MAC group, and I'm sure you'll all have an awesome time! Hope us pickleheads can do the same one day :o) Enjoy the week ahead!

    August 20, 2006 10:26 pm  
    Blogger Angela said...

    What!? you don't like those Viagra emails? I have to laugh, I've got wayne's parents email on my computer, and they are always getting them roflol... ;).
    Anyway, I'm glad that you are feeling a lot better about things, and I love the title of the post. I have to admit that I lead a charmed life aswell :)... great isn't it?

    August 21, 2006 7:17 am  
    Blogger shezann said...

    All I can see thru this blog entry is the beautiful person that you are, your girls and Brian are very very lucky :)
    Yes, I can't wait for our weekend away together at the 'macdigi' conference too.

    August 21, 2006 8:37 am  
    Anonymous Lis said...

    You are a very lucky lady and blessed with a great many things....many that I envy!

    Loved your photos of the back yard posted at Mac too...it's looking fantastic!

    August 21, 2006 3:31 pm  
    Blogger Chris said...

    So glad to hear you are feeling so much better Lee about things. Wow what a life hey so mcuh and so well deserved and good on you too.

    I know I am so blessed as well may not have everything but it's not everything I need...just the love and support of my family and friends....whether they are close to me in miles or across or whether they are wonderful cyber buddies I have made over the years. They are true blessings.

    August 21, 2006 9:28 pm  

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