• Monday, July 03, 2006

    Some pics....

    I haven't taken manu pics in the house but here are a couple that I tried to do magazine style and failed miserably! LOL (Karen, you need to come over and give me lessons....help!)
    This is our new dining table, looking toward the kitchen, to our sleek black splash back (say that fact 3 times). The second is the cutout in our wall between the dining room and what should be the formal lounge (not sure what we are doing in that room yet, we'll see....)


    Below is a birthday card I made for my good friend Lyn's 40th. Unfortunately we haven't spent much time together in recent times, due to my new hours and getting ready to move into our new home etc etc, but hopefully that will change soon. Anyway, she said she really liked, which made me happy. I really think birthday cards are harder than layouts! You want to say so much, coz there is only 1 a year!


    Lyn's party was a dress up party, this is my auntie Gill (Heidi), my cousin Suzy (Zena, Princess Warrior) and her husband Lincoln (Mr Squiggle), Brian (Sara-Maree) and lil ol me (Elvis (the later years LOL)). We had a great night and there were lots of amazing outfits, lots of fun had by all. Also a bit too much Karaoke, NOT by me (I couldn't never be that drunk LOL). Lincoln made the entire Mr Squiggle outfit by himself, in fact he makes all his fancy dress outfits. The last fancy dress party we went to together he went as a playboy bunny, complete with fishnet stockings and a boned, featherlined teddy, false eyelashes and wig, yes he enjoys it a little bit tooo much! So much so, that I did a family documentary on it, interviewing all the family and making a DVD for him as a Kris Kringle present a couple years back, complete with credits and bloopers.....hmmmm that really does belong on the net!

    MACdigi Girls

    I really need to say a special hello and thanks to my MAC digi girls. What a great bunch you are. While I was on my enforced hiatus (waiting for my broadband to be connected), they managed to rack up almost 3000 messages. I really did consider doing a mass delete, but my inquisitive side got the better of me and I read each and every one. I am so glad I did! They missed me yayayay! I came across quite few that said so! Also special thanks to the girls that sent me a present, a card, some texts and a couple of calls. I really am blessed to know you guys.

    Signing off.......


    Blogger Angela said...

    Wow Lee.. .your house looks like a display home!! You did a fantastic job at doing the mag style photos, Karen would be proud :). I'm sure that you guys are loving it there.
    Love the card (but you already know that LOL) and agree that bday cards are much harder to do.. reminds me, I really should get on to my sisters....
    LOL to the fancy dress... that is a classic.. and me thinks that you like it a little too much too ;).. can't wait till you post that video lol.
    Finally... Miss L, WE are blessed to know YOU! And we really did miss you...HEAPS!!

    July 04, 2006 7:37 am  
    Blogger Lis said...

    OMG!! Look at that dining table! Look at that house! Beautiful!!

    Love the dress up photos, and how cool was your card for your friend!!

    Nice to have you back online :)

    July 04, 2006 12:08 pm  
    Blogger Angel Without A Halo said...

    The house looks stunning and you shuld be proud to finally be in it, You have worked hard for it. Love the red vases, they look very cool!
    We did MISS YOU, more then you missed us!!

    July 05, 2006 10:23 pm  

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