• Monday, July 03, 2006

    It's about time....

    ...I did a quick entry, don't you think?
    Hmmmm so much has been happening but I don't really know where to start.
    Obviously we moved into our new home, it's kinda weird, even though it still feels new, it's like we have been here for ages. We still haven't finished unpacking, and the front and back yards are just a mess. We spent the weekend trying to clean it up a bit. I have decided builders are such pigs. Honestly, the crap we found was disgusting, juice bottles, Coke bottles, plastic, even tiles, which I think the tilers just tossed out the bathroom window when they broke one. Wouldn't it be easy just to have a box and then carry it out when done? Apparently not.
    Anyway, apart from that, all is good. We are in the thorws of gettings quotes for window coverings at the moment, man, did I underbudget for that. The quote came back at almost $16000 ouch! Needless to say, we are just going to get the bedrooms and bathrooms done. The rest will have to wait until the tattslotto fairy visits us! Luckily, we have no neighbours at the moment.
    Ummm what else...
    Oh yeah, we went to the Lion King, we took the girls, and it was great fun, in fact I enjoyed it more being there with them than I would have otherwise. The only thing that spoilt it was that Quinn was quite unwell and during the 2nd half she just got worse and worse and as soon as it finished, she burst into to tears. She had a terrible fever and I felt bad for her, but she still remembers it as a fun day so that is good.
    Also the day we moved into our new home, Quinn was in a production at school, the layout below is made up of photos I took of her dressed for the part, which was based on Oliver, at home. I know the pics don't show the outfit, but I love them just the same. She was dancing around the room, it was a perfect moment to scrap. Is she a cutie or what? (Is this the same girl that got banned for the movies just last week LOL). Anyway, despite her occassional bad behaviour these pics are a true representation of her (usually) happy go lucky personality.

    Ok I'll have to do another post, it won't let me post anymore pics... there must be a size limit????


    Blogger Angela said...

    Annoying isn't it? Oh, well at least this way I can break my replies up LOL. Love the LO, but then love all your work, and she sure does look like a cutie, hope that she's feeling better now. And don't worry about the curtains.. we haven't got any one some of our windows too... makes it pretty cold though :(.

    July 04, 2006 7:30 am  
    Blogger Lis said...

    Oh I LOVE this layout Lee!! Gorgeous!!

    July 04, 2006 12:07 pm  

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