• Monday, July 31, 2006


    Yay the Pickleberry Blog Fairy mentioned me! So so flattering! I have truly had so much fun over there and the talent is AMAZING, and a little intimidating, but also inspiring! So if you haven't been there, check it out RIGHT NOW! Click here! PICKLEBERRYPOP

    Well just got the result from BB in and I am so disappointed that Camilla didn't win! She was amazing and so so wonderful to watch.

    Well we had parent teacher day at school today. I am so so proud of my children, they are both very respected for both their work in class, but also the way they carry themselves as people. Their teachers were both full of praise and so very impressed with them. I do like to think, we as parents can take a little credit for that! Sometimes I can be very hard on them and I think I need to learn to lighten up. Even though they can be a little testing at home, I always know that they will do the right thing when we are not with them and I need to let go a little and acknowledge that. I just love them both so much.

    We were supposed to go to the movies today, but it was so miserable outside, I coaxed the kids into getting some DVD's instead since I pulled out of the movies, my cousin Suzy and Auntie Gill came over and while the kids watched some DVD's we played cards all afternoon, while drinking tea and pigging out on chocolate.... I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE MY LIFE! hehe Anyway I got a couple of pics of the kids today. When Jesamine and Connick come and play they are always so great together, in fact they play so well together it's easy to forget they are here LOL, but of course they usually come looking for some food! ;)

    Back to reality tomorrow though, to work, to work, to pay for this new home LOL!

    OK, lastly, I have tried to upload this LO, last 3 entries, apparently blogger doesn't like it, so here I go again....


    Blogger Kaza said...

    I do love this LO of your's Lee - I think I've said it everytime I see it, so it must be true - LOL.

    Yay and good on you and the girls.

    I didn't get this entry via email yet - wonder if it does a batch send at a certain time of day.

    August 01, 2006 12:25 pm  
    Blogger Lis said...

    So glad you are loving PBP so much, we are loving having you there too!!!
    Sounds like you had a fantastic day...cards and junk food..perfect!!!

    August 01, 2006 3:47 pm  
    Blogger shezann said...

    ofcourse you've played a major part in why your girls are who they are, you both must be so proud and rightly so !
    Love that layout.
    Glad you enjoyed your day off, good for you enjoying the arvo !

    August 01, 2006 8:21 pm  
    Anonymous fazzbech said...

    PBP is fun, ain't it?! ;o) Oh, you sound like such an awesome Mum, and I'm so glad your girls are doing so well. Have I told you before that I love your layouts? ;o)

    August 01, 2006 10:26 pm  
    Blogger Angela said...

    Yay for the girls! And great work to mum and dad too! It's great to hear that you are doing such a wonderful job. I think that I'm the same with Julieanne.. can be terribly hard on her (and feel like a really meanie afterwards :( )but hopefully she'll turn out half as good as your girls :).Sounds like you had a terrific day off.. but "where are you?!?"
    Love the LO btw ;), even if blogger doesn't lol.

    August 03, 2006 8:58 pm  
    Blogger Angela said...

    Oh and I forgot to say, that your side bar is way down the bottom.. not sure what's going on with that.. but I love the new colours :)

    August 03, 2006 8:59 pm  

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