• Monday, May 08, 2006


    Two entries in two days, this can't last LOL! OK I forgot more news I had on the weekend, well not my news, but anyway.... Quinn's netball team (Go Gems) had their third netball game on the weekend. They finally got their first goal!!!! The roar from the crowd was reminiscent of the '89 AFL Grandfinal between Hawthorn and Geelong. It was a fabulous moment and our second smallest player, the amazing Bethany got the goal. It was very exciting and we hope to get at least a few more before the end of the season LOL!

    Also below are the other 3 layouts I completed on the weekend ( I am exhausted LOL). The first two are with Paper Packs from Iron Orchid and was an assignment for Digital Scrapbooking mag as part of the Best and Brightest team, I hope at least one gets in!! The journaling for the first one reads:

    "Connection.... You have such an amazing connection, you are sisters in the truest sense. Your sisterhood binds you by much more than blood, you are able to see each other as true friends, as companions and allies. You seem to understand each other as only those with true respect and love can. You are friends, not because you are sisters but because you are soul mates. It is a rare thing you have, and I am comforted when I think of all the times ahead that you will be thankful for having the other to rely on. My special children, you are not only a blessing to me, but to each other."

    The journaling for this one reads:

    "My Hearts Desire.....This was taken at Bronte's 6th birthday party. We all had so much fun at the gymnastics party, with all the kids running around, bouncing, climbing, tunneling and swinging. Bronte you are such a feisty, funny, intelligent girl, it is hard not to be proud of you. Your company is always so much fun and you always keep those around you entertained. I always wished for a little brown eyed girl and I got you, your eyes are definitely a window to your soul and I see your empathy and sense of mischievousness in them. You are everything that my hearts desires."

    These papers were a joy to work with, I recommend them, and I am not affiliated in anyway!

    Finally the layout below, I am not happy with, I love this photo but it was hard to work into a layout so I may have to revisit it again, which I never do, so I guess it will stay like that forever :(. Anyway, you decide for yourselves! (If there is more than one out there!) LOL. I am not sure if it will show up but the background is a linen look which may be lost here...

    Anyway, work was great today, I love the job and can't wait to feel completely competent! I wonder how long that will take.....

    Signing off... until, well, some other time....maybe :)


    Blogger Sue Jones said...

    Woo hoo... you're on a roll! Those layouts are just magnificent. Vintage Miss L if I do say so myself. I will be checking on this blog each day so make sure you keep it going. LOL

    Just thought I'd let you know that your blog looks great in Firefox but in IE it is still showing your sidebar down the bottom.

    May 08, 2006 4:36 pm  
    Blogger Lis said...

    Beautiful layouts Lee :)
    Another suggestion is to make the size of your slide show a bit smaller, will bring your side bar back into line :)

    May 08, 2006 5:34 pm  
    Blogger Angel Without A Halo said...

    Lookin good Miss L... just like you :)

    May 08, 2006 8:34 pm  
    Blogger Sharon said...

    Wow Lee...who said you can't keep up with a blog?? Must go and post to mine tonight :-)

    May 08, 2006 8:50 pm  
    Anonymous Angela said...

    Hey Lee... good on you! You must be on a roll! Love the LO's especially the first one... Blog looks great too.

    May 09, 2006 6:10 am  

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