• Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    MACdigiscrap and more....

    Well a huge thank you to all the MACdigiscrap girls, that gave me lots of feedback on my blog, everything was looking fine on my screen, but wasn't showing up properly on others, so I moved the two slides and went from there. I really appreciate your help in this girls, you are the greatest bunch of girls to be cyber buddies with ;)
    And Angela, it's time you got your own blog, as I seem to get more comments directed at you on my blog than I do about my blog! LOL, just kidding! If you want to be part of a great bunch of amazingly talented and diverse, Aussie and New Zealander girls who love digiscrapping, but frequently forget to talk about it, whilst covering every other topic on the known planet, and some that are out of this realm altogether, then come and join the fun! You might even get to hear more about Sue's dalmations ;)... Also Karen, if your reading this, when you get your website up and running send me the link too, I wanna add your site to my favs also!

    Below is a card a good friend of mine asked me to make for her brothers 40th birthday. Some of you may or may not have seen it before. I had a limited amount of photos to work with and not much time. I had forgotten all about it, but was reminded today when she emailed me to say that she had had it blown up and framed, and how fantastic it was. I was so pleased she liked it and he was very teary apparently, the ultimate compliment! Anyway, since she reminded me I thought I'd post it and show anyway that may not have seen it. The brushes used were from Rhonna Farrer and were part of the prize for winning the Best and Brightest Competition.

    Speaking of winning, I am not sure I actually told anyone about this, but I got a runner up prize in an epson competition for the layout below. The criteria was things about Summer and was A4 requirement which I rarely scrap in. I altered a layout I had done for BnB and was pretty happy with the result. Here is a link to the Runner Up Page, to see me and the other losers! LOL

    Had another great class tonight, that group are so clever and it is a pleasure to teach them, we covered the bubbles layout tonight, which can be seen at the bottom of this page, and also a brief overview of the Connections and My Hearts Desire layouts posted yesterday.

    Got to have a walk around our new home today, the builder had a question about the tiles, so I got to go in and have a look, almost all the floor and wall tiles were done in our ensuite and all the wall tiles were done in the girls bathroom. All the doorhandles are on now and all the painting is finished. The shelves in the linen press and the pantry are all and it gave me butterflies, feels so close now. Just the floors, toilets, showerscreen, dishwasher, stove, oven, power points and lights to go in now. (think that's all) but we are still looking at about 4 weeks. woohooo!!!!!

    Well wasn't it great that those miners finally got out today, I cried this morning when they showed it and cried even harder tonight when they showed it again on the news, it's such a miracle but at the same time heartbreakingly sad that one of them didn't make it. I think the highlight for me was about a week ago when they were interviewing the mine boss, he was saying that they had been able to get some food, I-pods, magazines and a few other things to the men, one reporter asked what sort of magazines, and with a sly half grin he answered "uh, I believe they were appropriate magazines", cracked me up and was a good light moment for all involved. Must be my twisted sense of humour.


    Anonymous Angela said...

    ROTFLMBO!!!! Had to go and check the past messages after that post. Don't think it will happen in the near future.
    Lee, your blog looks divine, and great to see the slidy thing in all it's glory, looks great there. Love that card and no wonder you won a prize for that LO, it's fab (best one there in my opinion!) And great to hear that the house is coming along nicely.. can't wait to see it ;-), ok enough from me .. (maybe I do need that blog ;-)LOL!

    May 10, 2006 6:52 am  
    Blogger Karen said...

    Yes angela you do need a blog, aren't you listening to us all telling you that lol :)

    Lee the card looks wonderful no wonder he was teary eyed and as for that layout......its fantastic, those photos are wonderful, I agree with Angela it sohold have been a winner :)

    May 10, 2006 7:31 am  
    Blogger Angel Without A Halo said...

    I was so pleased she liked it and he was very teary apparently, the ultimate compliment!

    Well you are the ULTIMATE SCRAPPER!!! ROFL...

    Lee glad to see everything working fine now... us MACdigi girls rock :)
    I was like you when the men got released from the mine as well, now all we have to do is pray for little Sophie, my heart aches for that little girl and her family. I cannot begin to imagine the pain they are all enduring.
    Love the layout you won 2nd prize in... only 2nd. You're slipping..lol WELL DONE and why weren't we told??

    May 10, 2006 8:04 am  
    Blogger Lis said...

    Lee, I love your second slide show with the photos!
    Love all your layouts, you are one amazingly talented young lady ;-)
    Congrats on BNB too!
    Yay for the house being nearly finished, bet you can't wait!!!
    Thanks for your lovely comments at my blog, can't wait for things to settle and get back to Mac'ers.
    And yes Angela..get hopping with that blog!!

    May 10, 2006 10:02 am  
    Blogger Sharon said...

    Lee your blog is looking wonderful!! I don't know how you to find the time to do so many things. Either you are so darn good at everything it just gets done in an instant (instead of hours for me) or you don't sleep ....

    May 10, 2006 4:55 pm  
    Blogger Sue Jones said...

    Dalmations?? That infers they are spotted!! rofl
    I was under the impression they are Great Danes. ;)
    Well done on the second prize in the Epson comp but I've got to agree with Miss M. You're slipping girl!!
    And Angela - get yourself a BLOG!!

    May 11, 2006 2:46 pm  

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